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frequently asked questions

We want you to be confident in your medical billing company. Below we've answered a few of our most commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions or would like a Free Practice Assessment please reach out to us using our contact page!


Does your firm offer a practice management system?

Yes, we have a robust practice management system available for practices. But if you'd like to keep your existing software in place, we’ll connect to you!


Do you offshore any part of your services?

No, all of our Associates and primary vendors are based or headquartered in Colorado, Ohio, and Florida.

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How do you manage patient Accounts Receivable?

We deploy Inbox Health patient cycle management solutions.  Our process contacts patients via email, text, phone and mailed patient statements up to 12 times in a 77 day cycle. Our practices have experienced a 25% increase in patient revenue and 64% decrease in accounts receivable days.


How is the billing workload distributed? 

In most cases there is one Claim Management Associate assigned to your practice.  Depending on billing volume, we may assign other Associates to assist the lead biller.


How do you manage Insurance Accounts Receivable?

Each of our Associates is responsible for converting your billed procedures to payments. OCMS leadership monitors the various types of denials to ensure they are responded to appropriately and timely so claims ultimately get paid.


How often are claims submitted?

We strive to submit claims the following day from when they are received.


Is data encrypted and are there backups performed?

Yes, your data is encrypted on our servers and workstations while it is in-motion or at rest. Backups are performed throughout the day to ensure data is available and can be restored upon request.


Our practice would like to analyze transactions to monitor our performance. Can you develop customized reporting to assist us?

Yes, we have complex data importing tools that allow us to transform and ingest most data file formats including Portable Document Formats (PDFs) and Print Image files. Once data is converted and transformed, we can perform ad-hoc, production or customized information helpful for decision making. 


Which insurance carriers do you work with?

We work with many insurance companies on a regular basis such as the ones below, and we are always willing to add more to the list.

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Florida Blue
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United Healthcare

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