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Oasis Claim Management Solutions: Medical Insurance Credentialing

Surprisingly many of our on-boarded practices believe credentialing is something that only takes place once and the provider doesn’t need re-credentialing with commercial carriers or revalidation with Medicare. Insurance credentialing is the process that medical payer organizations use to verify healthcare providers' credentials and background.

A medical provider must submit and resubmit information or evidence like state medical licenses, recognized board certifications, medical malpractice insurance, education and work history as well as other pertinent disclosures. Carriers review this information to authorize physicians, nurses and physician assistants to determine whether the practitioner has the requisite skills and necessary qualifications to treat patients for a given medical specialty.


Oasis Claim Management Solutions offers affordable medical provider credentialing services for its medical billing clients.


Whether you are a brand new or established practice we can help your organization with insurance credentialing and all of the follow-up efforts necessary to help providers to keep practicing medicine.


If you would like to learn more about using our medical billing solutions including our credentialing services, contact us to see how we can help.

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