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Oasis Claim Management Solutions: Medical Insurance Contracting

Oasis Claim Management Solutions offers medical insurance contracting and credentialing, customized reporting, and practice management system solutions at an affordable price. We provide continual revenue cycle management support, with 24/7 technical support to ensure systems and applications operate effectively.

One effective way of identifying reimbursement deficiencies is analyzing your medical reimbursement patterns, billing practices and reviewing the fee schedules and provisions contained in carrier contracts. Oasis Claim Management Solutions' medical insurance credentialing and contracting solutions can help you on-board your new medical practice or identify unknown or unworked issues such as incorrect information on file with the carrier, inaccurate practice demographics or errors with contracts loaded on the claims payer systems. We do all the analysis, follow-up and resolution management while you can focus on practicing medicine.

Effective contracting for medical insurance claims requires planning, careful management, and continuous follow-up. Your medical insurance contracting partner helps you navigate a seemingly endless maze of information, applications, terminology, guidelines, and procedures. When you consider all of the advantages and time-saving opportunities you get with medical insurance contracting, it's apparent why working with professionals is a cost-effective answer to medical billing.

Our medical billing team provides active accounts receivable management techniques to identify and resolve issues related to reimbursement.  Their performance and financial incentives are based on how timely they resolve outstanding accounts receivable.  When they discover any new issues affecting claim reimbursement, their incented to work with our credentialing and contracting team to fix issues impacting payment. 


If you would like a review of your credentialing and contracting as well as continuous monitoring of your revenue stream from the carriers, contact us to find out how we can help.

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